1. Bring thread to the area on the hook shank where you want the lead eyes positioned. This will vary on the type of fly you are tying. See last picture on this page.



2. Hold lead eyes in left hand on shank.


3. Bring thread up on your side of shank and in front of eyes.


4. Bring thread down behind eyes on other side of shank.


5. Repeat three times. Do not wrap too tightly as this will knock eyes out of line.



6. Hold eyes with left forefinger.


7. Wrap thread from your side of shank and back of eyes to front of eyes and other side of hook shank.


8. Repeat three times with more thread pressure. Now go back and repeat #3 and #4 then #7 three or four more times.

9. This is position for woolly bugger and crayfish patterns.

10. This is for Clouser Minnows.