Bullethead Hopper

Hook: 3x long fine wire dry fly hook. Ex. Mustad -
Thread: 3/0 chart. monocord
Body: deer hair dyed yellow.
Wings: turkey quill section.
Head and Collar: light elk hair
Legs: chart. round rubber


There are only about 1000 ways to tie a hopper and it is lots of fun to try them all out, however that can be time consuming and I had rather be catching fish. I use a hopper for trout, large and smallmouth bass, sunfish and I'll throw one at anything. I love watching large fish come up and nail a hopper just after it hits the water with a loud splash. Not exactly finess fishing but it's fun. I had tried several hopper patterns but the bullet head seems to outfish them all. I tried the realistic type legs and settled on rubber. It doesn't tangle around the line and make the fly float on it's side like knotted pheasant tail fibers. Change the body, leg and collar color to match you local hopper hatch.


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Deer Hair Body
Turkey Quill Wing
Elk Hair Head and Collar
Whip Finish